Training Catalogue - 2012 January to May

IEYC consultants bring to you and your staff a unique blend of experience, practical knowledge & expertise in childcare.

We assess your requirements plus the market (legal etc) and combine these with our training programme to deliver workshops and seminars that enable early years practitioner to be proficient.

Our Training programme is developed by experienced by Early years practitioners who have many years of experience working in kindergartens and schools.

The Montessori Workshop will be held at a Montessori Children's house in Erding. This is a perfect location for getting hands on experience using Montessori materials and Teaching resources that are used daily in Montessori's.

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IEYC – Training and Workshop Schedule for 2012

2012 Programme is offered in both German and English



Workshop - Curriculum planning in early years education under The Early Years Foundation Stage & BEP (Bildungs-und Erziehungs Plan.

Planning is a must to ensure effective learning. A good plan will enable practitioners to create an exciting, varied and progressive early years learning environment. Plan will effectively enable practitioners to build clear picture on how effective their curriculum is and progress each child is making. As the saying goes if one fails to plan then one plan to fail.

This workshop will cover the following

  • What is curriculum planning

  • How and what to plan for Foundation Stage & BEP

  • Short, Medium and Long Term planning

  • Resources and methods for planning

  • Effectiveness of the plan

Workshop on 17 Jan 2012 Time 09.30 until 12:00

Cost: Euro 70  Registration closing date 10 Jan 2012

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Workshop - Introduction to Montessori curriculum.

This workshop is designed to make you understand the meaning of Montessori philosophy and principals. To understand Montessori teaching and curriculum.

The Montessori curriculum consist of following areas:

  • Practical Life – grace, courtesy, self care, environment, cooking, sewing etc..

  • Language - reading and writing

  • Mathematics - numbers and geometry

  • Sensorial – enhance sense of colour, texture, music, thoughts and objects

  • Social Science - Geography, History, botany, understanding of the world...

Further workshops are planned for the individuals sections, to give participants deeper understand and hand on experience with the Montessori materials and apparatus.

Workshop on 21 Jan 2012 Time 09.30 until 12:00

Cost: Euro 70 Registration closing date 16 Jan 2012



Workshop - Planning for Positive Behaviour for children 0 to 6 years old

This workshop looks at behaviour an development in early years settings. Below are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Take control of a noisy class Behaviour: Defiance

  • Behaviour: Refusal to work Behaviour: Interrupting

  • What about 'me me me me' Follow the leader

  • Group resistance Behaviour: Abusive language

  • Behaviour: Disrespectful Behaviour: Making silly noises

  • Behaviour: Silly class clown Ideas and Activities

Date: 26 Jan 2012 Time :09.30 until 12:00

Cost: Euro 70  Registration closing date: 19 Jan 2012

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Workshop - How Implement language immersion into daily practice

Full day workshop – Theory + Practice

This workshop will focus on the underpinning knowledge required to implement language immersion into bilingual teaching. The workshop also focuses on knowledge required for implementation of the Early Years Foundation Stage as well as the Bavarian national guidelines from Das Bayerishen Kinderbildungs/und Betreuungsgesetz (BayKiBig).

This will include looking at how children learn and develop, the themes and commitments and the role of the adult, together with an introduction to the six areas of learning and development. Future course will examine each of these six areas in more depth.

Delegates will get the opportunity to:

  • Develop an understanding of the L2 (Language via immersion method) and how it supports children’s learning.

  • Looks at the theory of immersion method, topics and commitments to early years teaching.

  • Identify effective practice and make links to the EYFS, BayKiBig), including the importance of daily routine and day to day working of the kindergarten.

  • Acknowledge the important role the environment has to play in children’s learning and development.

  • Consider appropriate experiences to meet the needs of every child.

  • Acknowledge that children learn and develop in different ways and that high quality adult with child interaction is crucial to children’s learning and development.

  • Consider how to engage effectively with young children, including how to scaffold and extend children’s growing knowledge and understanding through continued events and shared thinking.

  • Consider the need for a holistic approach to working with young children.

Date: 07 Feb 2012 Time: 9:30 until 15:00

Cost: Euro 90  Registration closing date: 01 Feb 2012



Workshop: Montessori Practical Life Activities Introductory

Full day workshop

Practical Life Exercises are the foundation of the Montessori environment, provides concentration, focus on the tasks that the children are conducting.

These activities help develop hand eye co-ordination and control of movement and awareness of their environment.

This is done by supporting children in how to work independently take responsibility of their environment.

Date: Saturday, 11 Feb 12 Time 10:00 until 15:00

Cost: Euro 90  Registration closing date 03 Feb 12



Workshop - Circle time activities and songs for bilingual education

This is a very interactive workshops for all participants to share there experience and talents on how to make circle time interesting for children.

In this workshop participants will have the chance to add new songs, finger plays and music activities to their library of songs and activities. Through songs the children will learn names of colour, phonic sounds, animals and primary mathematics concepts.

These activities can be used for big or small groups of children. (ages group 0-6)

Date: 13 Mar 12 Time 09:300 until 12:00 hrs.

Cost: Euro 70  Registration-closing date 06 Mar 12

*Note this workshop training can also be arranged at your premises



Workshop - Montessori Sensorial Materials Introductory

Full day workshop

This workshop give you the opportunity to learn how to use the Montessori sensorial materials and apparatus in early years practice.

Sensorial workshop will cover :

  • Allow for individual work and repetition

  • Understand in an organized, orderly, and scientific manner.

  • Presenting the material -what, how, when and the impact

  • Designed material - Control errors and self correction

  • Understanding of Errors, impact is an essential to the process of learning.

  • Enhancing senses through Visual, Auditory and Stereo-gnostic.

  • Effect on senses like size, shape, texture, loudness, heat, weather etc....

Date: Saturday 17 Mar 12 Time 10:00 under 15:00

Cost Euro 90  Registration closing date: 09 Mar 12




Workshop - Having fun with language

Full day workshop

The aim is to prepare children for phonic sounds successfully. In order to do that the early years experts must pay attention to children’s development stages and look for strategies.

Developing phonological awareness using:

  • music

  • role-play

  • rhymes

  • storytelling

  • etc...

Date: 17 Apr 12 Time 09:30 until 15:00

Cost Euro 90  Registration closing date: 09 Mar 12



Workshop - Montessori Language & Mathematics materials introductory

Full day workshop

This is an interactive workshop where early years practitioners will get hand on experience on how to use Montessori mathematical materials.

This is a detailed workshop on how to introduce kindergärtner’s on every day math and mathematical activities.

The practitioners will get the chance to carry out role-play activities with one another in the class, useful tips for parents on how to teach their child Math at home in a fun and enjoying way.

Date: Saturday21 Apr 12Time:10:00 until 15:00

Cost: Euro 90  Registration closing date: 12 Apr 12



Workshop - Montessori Workshop on Social Sciences

Full day workshop

This training is specially designed to give understanding of how to use Montessori materials and apparatus in the early years education.

The focus of this training is strictly based on how to use and prepare a learning environment for children in science, history, music, art and craft.

Date: Saturday 05 May 12 Time:10:00 until 15:00

Cost: Euro 90  Registration closing date: 21 Apr 12


Workshop - Early Years Management Training:

Special Managment workshop

This training is for owners, managers, supervisors and room leaders of private, independent or voluntary early years settings.

This 5 day workshop-training covers :-

  • Day One - Operational Management and strategic planning

  • Day Two - Human Resource Management

  • Day Three - Quality Assurance

  • Day Four - Marketing and Resources

  • Day Five - Health & Safety, IT, Data Protection and the Environment.

Date: 07 May until 11 May 2012  Time:10:00 until 15:00

Cost: Euro 450 for 5 days   Registration closing date is 02 Apr 2012


Euro 110 per day.

Full day workshops includes morning snack and lunch.

Venue for the entire workshops: Am Kirchberrg 2, 85570 Ottenhofen.

Registration online : Register email:  kpandit  +49 (0)173 755 1079, +49 (0)8121 4766977

Payment to be made with 7 days of registration to :

Bank: HypoVereinsbank   Konto name: K Pandit, Kto: 4320258222, BLZ: 70020270

For further detailed information on the workshops, please visit our website, email us or telephone us.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want workshops to place at your premises at a time and date convenient to you.